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Axia3PL Logo / Identity

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We partnered with Axia3PL on their corporate name and identity.

The company had previously existed under another name, but along with new ownership came the need for a new name and identity.

This company works in the field of third-party logistics - meaning that it works with consumer goods produced overseas and sold in retail stores in the U.S. The company handles all of the logistics from the time a shipment of product arrives in a U.S. port to the time it hits the shelves in a retailer.

The name AXIA 3PL is rooted in the word “axial” – meaning “forming an axis or a united relationship”. This is exactly what the company does. It forms a solid, functional, and logistical relationship between supplier and retailer. “3PL” is the industry moniker for third party logistics.

AXIA 3PL is a central hub. Products on palettes flow in, and products ready for the shelf flow out. The logo mark is designed to depict this inward and outward flow.